Partners are a strategic part of our business model and play a vital role in the delivery of the Quru strategic approach to utilising Open Source technology.

We have developed a rigorous process for reviewing Open Source based products, solutions and vendors that have come on to the market. We are highly selective as to where we commit our time and resource and which products and vendors we recommend and use in our solutions. We use a set of business critical criteria when selecting our partners and only work with people we trust and who share the same values of supporting open source solutions.

Our primary partners are:

Red Hat
First $1B open source company and at the heart of this community and market
Over $1B investment in Linux and a major contributor to the kernel
Enterprise Backup & Disaster Recovery, Deduplication & Archiving across all operating systems and applications
MariaDB An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL.
DevOPs teams can build, ship, and run any app, anywhere
The only enterprise ready, open source database offering a real alternative to traditional proprietary database systems - and at a fraction of the cost
Enterprise class web application servers, caches and software defined load-balancers with monitoring and microservice deployment

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Quru is a market leader in the technical development, deployment and support of Linux and open source solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability. We have also developed multiple award-winning software solutions ranging from mobile phone apps to global enterprise systems. Quru is based in Somerset House on the banks of the Thames, right in the centre of London. More...

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