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An IT infrastructure is a dynamic, constantly-changing business-critical resource. Ensuring a reliable, high-availability service to end-users is a challenging task, especially with new business requirements frequently demanding enhanced capabilities with little warning.

At any point in time, something in the infrastructure is going awry simply because things are always changing. The difficulty is to identify the change rapidly and, ideally, before it has an impact on the business. It could be a minor incident such as a decline in application performance or an unexpected server shutdown, a nagging doubt about the status of an application or whether a configuration has been completed correctly. Equally, something more significant, a loss of data, a security breach or you need to check if you have high availability or that the Disaster Recovery strategy that has been developed would actually work in practice.

That's where the Quru health check comes in.

We have a deep knowledge of the major operating systems and infrastructure software, and through being software developers have the expertise and experience to anticipate where problems can occur in an infrastructure. The Quru health check uses a proven methodology to quickly build a picture and identify any potential issues. Specific areas we cover include:

Forewarned is forearmed and a Quru health check delivers the insight you need to ensure a consistent, high quality service to end users.

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