Linux implementation services

Every organisation is under cost pressure and so every IT team is resourced only to a scale that meets the majority of demands it faces, but no more. So, when it comes to the design, build and deployment of a new solution, outside resource is required.

The next challenge is to identify resource that can deliver a Linux-based solution within a mixed open source and proprietary environment.

Inspired solutions

At Quru, we have the people able to fill the resource gap you face when implementing major new initiatives. We have a growing team of highly experienced certified engineers and system administrators who work to best-practice design and deployment methodologies. We use open source wherever possible using, for example, Puppet Labs for lifecycle management and EnterpriseDB for database requirements.

At all times, our aim is to ensure successful project delivery and knowledge transfer to your team to help grow its expertise and capability. We can implement a wide range of deployments including:

  • Linux-based virtualisation
  • Linux-based directory services
  • Configuration Management
  • Desktop
  • Firewall
  • Image Deployment
  • LAMP Troubleshooting
  • Migration Management
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Performance Testing

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About Quru

Quru is a market leader in the technical development, deployment and support of Linux and open source solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability. We have also developed multiple award-winning software solutions ranging from mobile phone apps to global enterprise systems. Quru is based in Somerset House on the banks of the Thames, right in the centre of London. More...

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